Thursday, May 16, 2013

Acts 27:1-12 Paul begins his journey toward Rome

Today, Paul has begun his journey toward Rome. Paul has boarded and is now sailing across the ocean toward. Paul has embarked on a journey that will take the Gospel to the center of the ancient world. He will speak the story of Jesus to powers and principalities, but along the way he will also tell the story to those on the edge,  to those on the fringe.  Paul was forever telling his story, he was forever sharing Jesus with whoever would listen  The Gospel is meant to be told, it's meant to be shared. Paul got that. We as Christian followers are to get that too. Where are we called to share the Gospel today, where are called to speak up and how our story intersects with Christ story?  Where will you witness to Christ love on this day?

May we remember on this day when we hear about Paul's journey, that we too are on a journey and all along that journey we are to share the gospel of Jesus' love.

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