How do I take the Challenge?

1. Commit to reading the Bible once a week over the next year. The Challenge is about increasing the time you read the bible. 
  2. Find a Bible to read. 
Note: Your Grandmother’s King James Version may not be the best option.   Sometimes all the "thee’s" and "thou’s" make it hard to understand.  Many Episcopal Churches use the New Revised Standard Version, NRSV for short.  It is accessible and easily understood.   Another option is Eugene Peterson’s The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language.  The Message is a contemporary  paraphrase of the Bible.   

Another thing to consider is using  a study bible.  A study bible, like the Oxford Study Bible, provides commentary and notes about the biblical text.  

For the tech savvy, there are a  number of bible apps available for smart phones and online Bibles, like

3. Follow our reading schedule

Each week The Challenge will post a new bible reading from Old Testament.  Join us on April 6th as we make our way through the Old Testament.  Even if you pick up the Bible just once over the next year, that will be a success. 

4. Read and Interact with  God through the Bible  

We will be suggesting two methods of reading the Bible.  One is called Dwelling in the Word and the other is called Lectio-Divina.  Both methods allow for the opportunity to read and reflect upon what you've read. You can find more information on our How to read the Bible page

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