About The Challenge

The Challenge was designed by the staff of St. Mark's Episcopal Church as a way to invite members of the congregation to read their Bibles during  the fifty days of Easter. Some folks have decided to read it daily while others are reading it weekly. We would love to have the rest of the world join us on this crazy adventure.  Are you up for reading the Bible over the next fifty days? Are you ready to be transformed. Experience the Risen Christ in the words of Holy Scripture. Take the Challenge.
Update 2015:  Beginning during the season of Easter 2015 we will be embarking on weekly, year long bible reading challenge.  


  1. Is it possible to restart the 50 day challenge

  2. Hi Nancy, thanks for asking. If you use the Blog Archives on the right hand side of the blog. You could spend some time reading Acts of the Apostles or the Gospel of Mark. We read Acts in 2013 and Mark in 2014. Enjoy!