How to Read the Bible

Two Methods of Bible study  
       Lectio Divina [1]

1) Lectio (read). Read the passage slowly, watching for a word of phrase that jumps out or shines.

2) Meditatio (meditate). Ponder the meaning of the word of phrase
 that struck you.

3) Oratio (pray). Pray from the heart in response to the text any kind of prayer: adoration, thanksgiving, intercession, confession, lament, and so forth.

4) Contemplatio (contemplate). Wait for God to speak to you, perhaps in an image or metaphor

Dwelling in the Word [2]

1)      Read the Passage slowly, watching for  word or phrase that strikes you

2)      Wonder -Where was my imagination caught?  Or What would I like to ask a biblical scholar about this passage?

3)      Reflect on why this may have caught your attention (Could God be speaking in those words?)[3]

Note: It may be helpful to journal about what you discover. 

[1] Lynne Baab, Joy Together: Spiritual Practices for Your Congregation (Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 2012), 89.
[2]  This method was taught by Dwight Zscheile at a Conference Entitled:  Cultivating Adaptive Leadership in a Culture of Uncertainty.  November 30, 2012 Binghamton, New York
[3] We’ve added  this third piece.  

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