Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Spirit Comes: Acts 2:1-13

The promised Holy Spirit has finally come and made itself known among the followers of Christ.  A violent wind rushes into the place where Christ's followers are staying.  Divided tongues of fire come upon the followers as each of them is filled by the Holy Spirit.  They are given the ability to speak in different  languages.  The raucous causes a stir as people from the city gather to find out just what is going on.  The stage has been set for Peter to give his first sermon.  

It must have been quite amazing to be there and experience all those people speaking in different languages. I am wondering today what languages the Spirit gives each of us to speak of the deeds of God's great power. We probably won't be given the ability to speak French at the drop of a hat, but how has the Spirit gifted us with languages of radical hospitality, compassion, or forgiveness? Maybe  we have been given more practical gifts, like driving a nail or knitting a prayer shawl?  What gifts have you been given? May we on this day celebrate the rainbow  of gifts among all our brothers and sisters. And, may we see the Spirit hand in it all.   

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  1. My gifts include teaching and empathy. What I love most is seeing the gifts of others, especially kids and teens, shine through. We are blessed with gifted artists, leaders, helpers, speakers and servant hearts at St. Mark's. And we have plenty opportunities to use them! After all, what good is a gift if you don't open it and use it?